Bedbug Treatment

Bed-Bug_smallEpcon Lane is excited to announce the latest addition to our pest control arsenal. Buddy the Bed Bug Heat Eliminator is here! The HEAT ASSAULT is revolutionary product that takes a Green approach to the extermination & eradication of bedbugs! Using a heat treatment we can eliminate Bed Bug infestations in ONE DAY! The great news is that heat kills the eggs too! This stand alone piece of equipment can bring you peace of mind in no time. It is the perfect solution to eradicate Bed Bug infestations from family homes, rentals, office buildings to large high rise hotels.

 Why Heat?

Our new addition is not only effective in the elimination of bedbugs, but it is efficient. In the process it will potentially eliminate other insects & mold. It is safe and easy to operate. In one day your problem will be solved and you typically will not need to dispose of furniture and clothing.

Other choices?

On a tighter budget? Although Heat treatments are complete in one day, they are a more costly option.  We have the choice of steam combined with a residual product. This program typically resolves the infestation within 3 services. We do not recommend this option if the home is cluttered or the problem needs resolved promptly.

Think you have bed bugs?

verifi2_smCheck out the bedbug monitoring kits here to know for sure. They’re surprisingly affordable and easy to use.