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When the Ants Go Marching

ant on leaf

Ohio is a meeting place for several ecological regions. It features diverse habitats filled with varieties of insect, animal, and plant life. In the spring time, Ohioans can expect to hear many types of birdsong and see flowers of every color come into bloom.

During an Ohio spring, you can also expect to see several types of ants. In fact, there are 132 known species of ants in Ohio. Some of them do serious harm to your home.

Carpenter ants, for example, can damage any type of building by tunneling through wood pieces. They nest in damp or rotten wood. They don’t actually eat the wood they tunnel through; they live on food, insects, and even candy. However, these insects can cause severe damage to your home’s foundation and are difficult to get under control after they infest an area.

As spring draws near, so do spring-time pests—including ants. Return on Friday for five tips on protecting your home from ants. Until then, remember to call Epcon Lane for all your pest control needs.

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