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They’re Smelly and they’re here – Stink Bugs

stinkbug on leaf

They’re smelly and they are here.That’s right it’s the brown marmorated (marbled- like coloration) stink bug or Halyomorpha halys.  This insect originated in Asia and was first reported in the U.S. in  Allentown, PA in 1998.  It is believed that they may have been brought over in shipping cargos.

How do I identify stink bugs?

  1. Shaped like a shield
  2. White bands on their antennae
  3. The distinctive noise while flying
  4. Most recognizable by the offensive odor they give off
  5. Some people compare to the smell of stinky feet when threatened or smashed

Stink Bug Facts

  • Stink bugs have no natural predators in the United States
  • They reproduce four times from late April/mid May to August making it very difficult to halt the invasion of these pesky insects
  • They are not harmful & don’t bite
  • They are a nuisance insect to humans
  • They feed on and damage both ornamental plants and crops that we depend on

Any Good News?

Yes! Research is underway to control the stink bug populations throughout the country. This is very good news for Pennsylvania & Ohio!What

What can you do to control Stink Bugs?

There are a variety og things you can do to reduce the invasion of stink bugs inside your home & deter them from hanging around the outside of your home as well. Visit us Wednesday and Friday to learn more! We will be featuring important tips, so check back in.

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