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Termite Control 101

termites under a house

Are you ready for termite season?


In the 80’s, pest control companies used chloradane, a strong man-made chemical, to combat termites. Due to environmental concerns, the chemical is now banned. Companies have created substitute chemicals with varying success.


At Epcon Lane, we take a different approach.

To uphold our promise of minimal environmental impact, we use a baiting method. Not only is it safer, it also works better! A baiting method eliminates termites from your home, rather than erecting a barrier around your house.

We use a method called Exterra (coined from the words “exterminate,” “termite,” and “terra”). We install the Exterra stations in your lawn and monitor them for signs of termites.

When a station is disturbed, our technician baits it, removing termite remains and re-baiting as necessary. The process is repeated until the termites are gone. Simple but effective!

(If you would like detailed information about the Exterr bait system, check out this video from the company’s website.


You are most likely to discover a termite problem in the coming months, as termites invade new areas with the warming temperatures of spring.

According to Kentucky University’s entomology department, termites annually cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes, trees, landscaping, and even swimming pool liners!

It is difficult to self-treat termites because they can be elusive, fit in many small cracks, and may return if the problem is not completely dealt with.


Instead of suffering the expense and trouble (not to mention the creeping damage to your largest personal investment—your home!), why not call Epcon Lane? We give you peace of mind as we handle your pest problems with efficiency, thoroughness, and consideration of the environment.

Call Epcon Lane today!


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