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Spring Cleaning: Garage Tips

As spring slowly works its way here, why not get a jump start on your spring cleaning? After all, the best way to prevent pest problems is to lead a tidy lifestyle.

Our garages are potentially the least-tidy space in our house. The good news? It’s not as hard to clean as you think. Here are three simple steps:

Find the trash first.

We store large tools, seasonal equipment, and otherwise-uncategorized supplies (i.e. junk) in our garages. Begin your garage spring cleaning by going through everything with an eye for things that can immediately go to the trash.

If you have the space, drag everything onto your driveway. The shame alone will keep you motivated until you’re done!

Fight against the “someday” mentality.

Once you see all the toys, tools, and equipment you’ve been storing but forgot about, you’ll probably want to keep it. You’ll say, “Now I’ll use it!” or “I just needed to clear out the space.”

Ultimately, you’re the boss on what goes and what stays. Just remember that you’re the one who made your garage look like it does in the first place.

3 piles: Throw away. Donate. Keep.

If it’s broken and you know you’ll never get around to fixing it, here’s three words for you: Throw. It. Out. (Recycle when possible.)

If items are not broken but you haven’t used them for at most a year, donate them. We’re fortunate to live in a country where we have everything we need available to us all the time in stores. There’s no need to hoard working items we won’t use. Give it to somebody who will.

If you’re keeping things, here’s another rule for you: Everything has to have a space.

What do you want your garage to do? House your cars? Store your holiday supplies? Serve as a home gym? As an artistic studio? Most likely, it’s some combination of the above. Organizing expert Peter Walsh recommends color coding each section of your garage. This allows you to visualize how many things you can store per purpose in the garage. To see a picture of a finished garage, read his article here.

As you clean your garage, keep an eye on the usual pest-prevention measures: Tidy floor and yard. Doors that seal. Windows with no cracks.

If you find a pest problem during your garage spring cleaning, give Epcon Lane a call. We can work together to give you an organized, embarrassment-free garage.