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Spring Cleaning: Closet Tips

As we continue to encourage the arrival of spring, we offer you another set of spring cleaning tips. Here’s a simple walkthrough on how to deep clean a clothes closet.

Dedicate about two solid hours for this project. Remember that sometimes, to clean up a mess, you have to make a bigger mess! Turn on some music and get to work.

#1 Take everything out.

Sort through all your clothes with three piles in mind: Throw out, donate, keep. Anything that is damaged or ruined beyond repair (the amount of repair you’re willing to provide), throw away. Anything that is still wearable but is not the right size, donate. Also, clothes you don’t like anymore, donate.

#2 Pack away off-season clothes.

Go through your remaining “keep me” clothes and pack away winter clothes. This is another chance to re-evaluate for clothes you should donate. If you didn’t wear it at all this year, consider giving it to someone who will. If you did wear it, no worries! Your closet is primed and functional. By the time you’re done, it’ll be organized, too!

#3 Get ready . . . 

Sweep out your closet (or dust or mop) while it is empty. If your shelves need repairs, take the time to repair them. Once everything is stored away neatly on strong shelves and straight hanging rods, you’ll be glad you took the time to address structural issues.

Also, think about your organization. Did you like your organization before? Do you want to change it? If you have shelves, think about what kinds of clothes you’ll fold. Will you put them in piles? Or in baskets? If you have a hanging bar, will you pair your clothes into outfits? Or will you separate by category—shirts in one section, pants in another?

#4 Put it all back.

Hang or fold your clothes in whatever organizational pattern you’ve decided. Remember, an organizational pattern is just a tool. It serves you, not the other way around. If you generally fold t-shirts but want to hang a few, that’s fine. If you have a stack of nice sweaters but want to hang a few as pre-made outfits, that’s fine too! You can be organized and flexible at the same time. No one will come behind you to inspect your organization.

By now, you could have a tidy garage and an organized closet–all before spring arrives! As always, if you discover any pest problems, Epcon Lane is happy to help make your spring cleaning a success. Call us with any concerns or problems.