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A Mousy Takeover

Are the mice stirring in your house?

The Threat

Hantivirus (the common name for HPS—Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome) is a potentially fatal disease you could contract from rodents and rodent droppings. Early universal symptoms of HPS are fever, aches, and muscle fatigue in the large muscle groups (back, thighs, shoulders).

Some patients also experienced other early symptoms, consisting of dizziness, chills, diarrhea, and stomach problems such as vomiting. Late symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, and lungs filled with water.

The CDC says one survivor described the sensation as a “tight band around my chest and a pillow over my face.”

Already Struggling

Rodents are a problem—for your home, for public services, for places of business. Even national parks are struggling.  According to the CDC, as of November 1st 2011, ten tourists who had recently visited Yosemite Park contracted HPS. Three victims died.

Authorities remain puzzled as to the cause of the Yosemite HPS outbreak. So what can you do?

Don’t Let It Be You!

You can protect yourself and your family from HPS and other diseases. According to the CDC, “Rodent control in and around the home remains the primary strategy for preventing hantavirus infection.”

Be proactive: Contain food. Clean your house. Keep your garbage tidy, contained, and remove it weekly. Don’t let food and dirty dishes stay in multiple rooms or on the floor.

To combat an existing rodent problem, or to take extra preventative measures, contact Epcon Lane today to learn about our various rodent prevention services!

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