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Fleeing from Fleas: Part 2

You can conquer your flea problems by immediately acting on your pet and your house. Here’s how:

Immediate Pet Treatment

  1. Purchase an oral or gel topical treatment. Ideally, it should target adults and larvae. These treatments can be purchased from a vet, reputable online dealer, or local retail stores. (FrontLine is an example of a gel topical treatment.)
  2. Regularly bathe your pets until the fleas are gone. As a money-saving alternative, use Dawn dish soap rather than brand name flea shampoo. The parasites will jump off your pet like they’re trying to escape a sinking ship!
  3. Remove surviving adults with a metal flea comb. Tip: Have on hand a small container filled with Dawn soap. Make sure the sides of the container are slick with soap. As you brush, drop the fleas into the soap. This will prevent them from escaping and spreading while you finish the job.

Immediate House Treatment

  1. Regularly wash rugs, pet bedding, and any human bedding the pet has slept on.
  2. Most important: Vacuum daily for up to two weeks. Thorough sweeping will gather adults, eggs, and larvae. Don’t forget to sweep along baseboards, under beds, and under couches. If attended to faithfully, this can be the single most effective way to eliminate fleas, combined with treating your pets.
  3. Also: Sweep or disinfect upholstery as needed. You can purchase from retailers spray bottles that contain flea-eliminating spray. Use it judiciously.

If these measures prove insufficient, Epcon Lane is ready and standing by for your call.