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Bloodsucking Nuisances


Have you gotten your first mosquito bite of spring? Mosquitoes will be more active as we continue to transition to summer weather.

As a member of the Culicidae family, mosquitoes are close cousin to midge flies. In many mosquito species, the female is the bloodsucker. Some species do carry deadly viruses, but there are many variables in each case, so it is difficult to generalize about the threat posed by species as a whole.

Mosquitoes have four life stages and reproduce in stagnant water. They are found on every continent except Antarctica. There are a dizzying number of variations and species. This makes it tricky to discourage all mosquito types from visiting your home: What sends one group packing might attract another group.

The largest mosquitoes belong to the genus Toxorhychites. Ironically, they don’t suck blood from people or animals. Rather, they feed on the larvae of other mosquitoes. This makes them a creative tool for pest control professionals.

If you’d like to avoid a mosquito problem this summer, call Epcon Lane to learn what we can do to help you.


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