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Akron Students: Leave the Bedbugs in Hotels During Break

Although it may be a few weeks before we have to worry about occasional invaders, you should always stay on top of bedbug problems. The primary way bedbugs enter your home, apartment, or dorm room is by hopping a ride in your luggage when you stay at a hotel.

You don’t have to fear straying more than 24 hrs. from your home! Here’s how to conduct an inspection of your hotel room for bedbug activity:

#1: Initial contact.

After checking into your hotel room, place your suitcase in the bathtub.  Prepare to inspect the room thoroughly. (Tip: Toss a small flashlight in your suitcase before you leave home!)

#2: Check the bed and room furniture.

Pulling the sheets back and inspecting the seam of the mattress. Look for black fecal spots or the actual bug, which is normally the size of an apple seed. Also look in corners of the room, along the headboard, and in drawers. If found, ask for a room that does not border that room.

#3: Post-hotel precautions.

Inspect clothes when you pack to go home. Once home, unpack clothes on a light-colored surface and place all clothing in a plastic bag until you are able to wash and dry them. As an added precaution, vacuum your suitcase.

These preventive measures will give you peace of mind during your next business trip, family vacation, or college break. If you have more questions about bed bugs, or worry that your home is infested, give us a call today to find out more!

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