Epcon Lane is a third-generation family-owned business. Our roots trace back to 1945 when Albert Lane founded the original Lane pest control company.

Epcon Lane as it exists today is the result of a partnership between two families. Combined, our collective experience in the field of corporate and residential pest control spans more than 100 years.

Initially, our primary customers were Akron-area realty companies. At the time, our real estate pest control services focused on the WDI (Wood Destroying Insects) inspection in search of termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and Powder Post beetles. We would do this in conjunction with the home sale to protect both the buyer and seller.

By the early 1970s, we expanded our business to not only the inspection of WDI’s, but also the elimination and treatment of these pests.

In 1990, our company evolved into a full-service preventative pest control company. We continue to offer WDI inspections, as well as residential pest control services to keep other unwanted pests from intruding into homeowners dwellings.

We also offer commercial pest control services. We specialize in environments where people and their products need special consideration regarding the use of pesticides. We have been protecting many Northeast Ohio food processors, hospitals, day cares and zoo’s since the 1990s.

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