“Pest Files: Sandy the Squirrel – Part 3”

by Amanda Pigford on November 9, 2012

Courtesy of LifeOnTheBalcony.com

Squirrels can cause extensive damage to gardens. To encourage them to forage somewhere else, try these non-harming, environment-safe suggestions:

  •  Spray the perimeter of your garden. Try liberal amounts of cayenne pepper or a liquid solution of vinegar and smashed jalapenos or garlic. If you use the latter, you’ll need to reapply after every rainfall and every watering.
  • Construct cages for your plants, using a wood frame covered in chicken wire. Remove cages to water, weed, or enjoy your garden with unobstructed view. This works well if the squirrels are attacking only one or two plants.
  • Although more costly, erecting a fence around your garden is a one time, permanent solution. Be cautioned that this may not be enough to keep all squirrels out, so evaluate your costs appropriately.

Sometimes asking for help is the best solution to a problem. If these measures are not realistic for you, call Epcon Lane today for professional assistance.

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