“Pest Files: Sandy the Squirrel – Part 2”

by Amanda Pigford on November 7, 2012

Courtesy of TheGazette.com

Preventing squirrels from entering your home is similar to preventing the entry of other rodents such as mice. Seal all gaps, cracks, and holes around your home. Be extra vigilant in the winter, which is when squirrels will seek a warmer environment.

Keep branches trimmed away from your house to discourage airborne entry. Make sure windows have screens and chimney openings have protection. If squirrels prove to be particularly persistent, consider erecting a fence around your property.

If you keep bird feeders in your backyard, buy ones that are squirrel proof. In addition, use a garbage can that seals properly. Anything you can do to minimize easy access to squirrel food (nuts, seeds, berries) will discourage them from out staying their welcome.

If these measures prove insufficient, contact Epcon Lane today for intensive, environmentally-friendly squirrel solutions.

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