“Celebrity Spiders: Part 2”

by Amanda Pigford on October 31, 2012


On Monday, you met the gray cross spider. Although it was the initial inspiration for the title character in Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White eventually realized he had wrongly identified his arachnid muse.

Character: He was really observing the Araneus cavaticus, or, the barn spider. These critters are also very round, small, with dark brown coloring. They are most often found in barns, caves, and rocky areas.

Courtesy Wikipedia

Fun facts:

  • The barn spider spins a circular web every night to catch its dinner.
  • It is one of the spiders common to northeast Ohio. (Fear not—they pose no threat to people.) They are most common in the late summer and winter.
  • Although they sometimes share a fence or barn crevice, they attack each other if personal territory is invaded.
  • They will “jump” up and down in the center of their webs when threatened.

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