3 Great Reasons to Rodent-Proof Your Home (Plus 7 Effective Tips to Do So!)

by Stacy Goliath on December 2, 2011

Did you know that a mouse can enter your home through a hole the diameter of a pencil & a rat can move in through the size of a quarter? As you can see, these furry pests don’t need much of a window of opportunity to infiltrate your living space and unfortunately, they can do a lot of harm once they do.

Here are 3 Great Reasons Why You Need to Rodent-Proof Your Home:

  • More than 200 different kinds of germs can be passed by rodents!
  • They can damage your dwelling by chewing, defecating & burrowing throughout your home & property.
  • Rodents will gnaw on your electrical wires and can cause structural fires.

7 Tips to Rodent-Proof Your Home or Office:

  • Tour your basement during the day & look for light filtering in through gaps, holes or incoming pipes or utility lines. Caulk the gaps with expandable foam mixed with steel wool.
  • House, dryer & roof vents should be screened (make sure not to restrict airflow)
  • Chimneys should have professional caps on them
  • Garage doors & man doors should have door sweeps and/or weather stripping to seal any gaps. Weather stripping needs to extend 24” above ground on the garage doors
  • Check crawl spaces and seal any entry gaps
  • Trash receptacles should have tight fitting lids.
  • Remove clutter & vegetation around your building, pools, hot tubs, sheds and air conditioners. This helps prevent areas of harborage.

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